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Online Shop Regulations





General Provisions

1.1. These regulations provide for the terms and conditions of sale and operation of the Online Store

1.2. These regulations determine the conditions and mode of submittal, realisation and settlements of retail orders distributed by the online store (called hereafter the „Store”) .

1.3. The owner of the Online Store registered at:  is Natalia Warwas-Błach, address: ul. Gombrowicza 49 ,45-533 Opole, Poland, VAT ID: PL7543084329 REGON ID: 161599680: , email:




Order placement

2.1. Orders shall be accepted through a shopping system available at:

2.2. When placing an order, the Client shall correctly fill in the required fields in accordance with the order form instructions. The Client must provide their data, the address and contact information, the data indicating the Goods to be ordered, as well as indicate the address of delivery and the method of payment. Placing an order is tantamount to signing a trade agreement with

2.3. Order will be realized if the ordered products hereinafter referred to as Goods are available in the store.In the unlikely event that ordered Goods are unavailable , the Client shall be sent a notification by e-mail to give them the opportunity to decide on a partialimplementation of the orders, extending the waiting period or cancelling  the orders.

2.4. If the information necessary to perform the contract will not be completed and the customer contact is not possible, the Store may with draw from the contract and the contract of sale.

2.5. The cost of delivery, depending on the selected mode and place of delivery will be calculated automatically unless the Regulations say otherwise. 

2.6. Orders will be fulfilled immediately after choosing the payment  method :

- cash on delivery of the Goods to the Client,

- bank transfer to the Store’s  bank account,

- payment through online payment channel-  after receiving positive information about the transaction.

Orders of the Goods are confirmedby email or phone.

2.7.  In case of not receiving a pre-payment within 7 days the order is canceled. 

2.8. The Store reserves the right to cancel orders, which can not be verified or arouse reasonable suspicion as to the authenticity.

2.9. The Client will be informed  about any changes in the status of the order by email.



Prices of goods and payment

3.1.Prices on the Online Store’s website, provided next to the offered product on the product page  include VAT and are provided in PLN and do not include delivery costs.

3.2. provides the Client with the following methods of payment:

- bank transfer to the Store’s  bank account:

Santander Bank Polska S.A. PL 95 1090 1098 0000 0001 4129 1266

- payment through online payment channel (PAYPAL

- cash on delivery of the Goods.

3.3. The binding delivery price list is presented inattachment “Delivery costs”.




4.1. The time of the order fulfillment includes fulfilling the order and delivery.

4.2.  The orders are realized on the same business day.

4.3. Deliveries are made by courier companies. 

4.4 The delivery cost  depends on the type of the  item ordered.

4.5. The ordered Goods can be delivered within 2-3 business days.

4.6. The Client is informed about any changes in the status of the order ( stages of the order) by email.






5.1. All trademarks,  graphics, images and product descriptions are copyright protected  . The compilation of all content on this site is the exclusive property of  No one has permission to re-publish, modify or use the contents, images and anything else of the website for own/other use without prior notice and authorized permission. Personal data are protected according to the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2002 No 101, item 926, as amended) in a manner preventing third-party access.



Terms and conditions of complaints


6.1. All Goods offered in the Store are covered by the manufacturer's warranty and are supplied with proof of purchase (receipt or bill).

6.2. Each Client is entitled to lodge a complaint.

6.3. The basis for the complaint acceptance is the proof of purchase of the goods.


6.4. shall consider the complaint within 14 (fourteen)business  days of the date of its filing.

6.5. In the case of the discovery of defects in the Goods the Client shall contact the store immediately in order to claim the warranty.




Return and replacement of purchased product


7.1. The Client  may, within 14 days of the date of delivery acceptance, resign from the purchase of goods purchased in the online store (withdraw from the purchase agreement without providing reasons).

The returned goods must be complete and unaltered with a proof of their purchase.

7.2. The returned goods must be returned to the shop’s address with a proof of their purchase .

7.3. In case of returning one item of a combined order The Store is obliged to send the Client a new proof of purchase taking into account the return or  a credit note. 




Final provisions


8.1. The Store reserves the right to modify the contents of the Regulations.

8.2. The Regulations are binding at the moment they are submitted.

8.3. The Store reserves the right to modify the contents of the Regulations, and the contents of the amended Regulations will be published a few days in advance. Orders are realised and settled in accordance with the contents of the Regulations which are binding at the moment they are submitted.

8.4 These regulations are available at:

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